Technology provides organisations with some of the greatest opportunities to grow and compete. It can drive innovation and help advance your company’s products and services. It can enable greater scale and reach, commoditise and monetise your data and enhance profitability through improved operational effectiveness.

As a counterbalance to technology as an enabler and enhancer, it also creates points of risk. Externally there is the risk of security breaches, while internally it is very easy for poorly scoped technology projects to blow-out the budget and any new technology introduction will need to be embedded and bought into to avoid disruptions to your current structure and operations.

Grant Thornton’s Technology Consulting team works with mid-sized businesses to design, execute and optimise their digital investments and transformation strategies.  Our experts take a hands-on, tailored approach to delivering outcomes and solutions that align technology investments to your business culture and growth strategy.

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How we help you


Automation enables complex and repetitive tasks to be executed reliably at scale. Our experts help you solve these challenges by selecting and implementing suitable automation solutions. Continue reading


Cloud computing delivers on-demand, scalable computing resources over the internet and secure networks. Our specialists will guide your organisation to select and deploy the most appropriate solution partners and services. Continue reading

Data & Analytics

What happened in the last month, week, 48 hours is the best predictor of what is likely to happen next. Our data and analytics solutions mine your data to answer the questions to competitive advantage. Our performance management experts will help you to steer your organisation by pulling the right levers. Continue reading


Our specialists are experts in digital innovation and transformation.  We will guide and provoke your thinking, define what you need to do and help you to execute. We seek to understand your business and growth drivers and embed technologies that align with your growth. Continue reading

Emerging Technologies 

Emerging Technology presents an opportunity to advance your business and positively transform traditional offerings. We will help you to understand these technologies and how to apply them in your business, to increase revenue, reduce cost and manage risk. We help your business in sourcing the best of these technologies, to deliver superior products and services to your customers. Continue reading


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