Automation uses technology to improve productivity by performing complex tasks previously done exclusively by people.

Our business performance experts will work with you to identify, evaluate and deploy automation solutions that deliver real value. We practise ideation, solution co-design and structured implementation to ensure success.

Forecast increase in average annual productivity growth coupled with an additional A$4,000-A$15,000 additional annual income per Australian by 2030 for midpoint to rapid automation adoption. 1

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At Grant Thornton, our team and partners are market leaders in operational excellence, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We help our clients understand and define their roadmap to success.

We don’t just advise, we are in the trenches improving operating models, shortlisting partners, compiling the business case, and implementing solutions. Our team also rehabilitates underperforming automation projects.

Automation – Benefits

Automation - Triggers

Achieve 75%-85% productivity gains

Slow processing/ turnaround time for complex business transactions and manual workarounds

Improved accuracy and speed to process millions of complex transactions

People intensive operations that are logical, rule based, and repetitive

Virtual FTE’s working 24 x 7 x 365

Considering  offshoring to reduce cost, or planning to outsource

Decreased cycle times and improved information throughput

High volume complex transactions requiring manual processing

Detailed data capture to scale

High attrition rate as staff are performing repetitive manual tasks

Agile scalability

Integration issues with Web sites, portals, SaaS solutions, multiple screen toggling, documents, e-mails, and attachments

Eliminate costly delays in gathering information required for critical decisions

High dependency on spreadsheets to manage information

Audit trail for compliance requirements


We do more than answer your questions – we solve them.

  • We aren’t sure where to start to plan an automation strategy and roadmap?
  • How do I standardise operations and what is the best operating model?
  • Is it worth investing in automation/what will be the return on investment?
  • How will the automation be built?
  • What capabilities and resource are required?
  • How do we manage change and risk?
  • Can it handle unpredictable variations in business operations?
  • How long will it take to start delivering savings?


We work with external partners to deliver successful automation solutions.