Cloud computing provides on-demand applications, resources, processing power and storage.

The possible business case advances are extensive and include improved data security, accessibility, innovation and speed to value, scalability, collaboration and mobility.

We work with you to assess the state of your Cloud technology and adoption, define and justify your Cloud business case, create a migration strategy to transition or uplift the adoption of Cloud computing and work with you to implement this in practice and ensure it is well managed.

79% of users have reported cost savings, increased employee productivity and or improved security as a result of using a cloud approach. 1

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Grant Thornton understands and recognises how a successful Cloud strategy and solution can accelerate your business success. Our approach brings a laser focus on your needs ensuring a thorough business case to support the investment. Our team are experts on procurement, migration, and implementation and will guide you to a successful ‘go-live’.

Cloud Computing – Benefits

Cloud Computing- Triggers

Eliminates the need for physical and technology infrastructure

Need to move from an on-premise/fragile/ seldom updated system/infrastructure to a modern platform

Outsourced technology model

Poor collaboration capabilities

PAYG service, reduced IT costs

Desire to outsource technology infrastructure management costs

Shift and/or reduce CAPEX to OPEX

Current system is too costly

Increased security

Business is no longer ‘leading edge’ or playing catch-up

Flexibility and scalability - up/down agility

Seek to be on a similar or better technology platform than competitors e.g. to improve customer experience or system up-time

Rapid deployment

Catch up to the leading edge

Latest software releases (SaaS)


Self-determined capacity provisioning


Access to automatic updates


Collaboration and efficiency


Business continuity and resilience


Stay competitive or ahead of the market


We do more than answer your questions – we solve them.

  • What is Cloud computing? How should I start? What should I do?
  • Can we retain ownership and access to our data? How secure is our data? What is data sovereignty? Where is our data stored (including backups)? Who has access to my data?
  • What are the types of Cloud computing available and which should I choose?
  • How do I move away from my on premise infrastructure?
  • How do I shift my financial cost from a capital to an operational expenditure cost? Will I save money by moving to the Cloud?
  • What about Privacy and data breaches?
  • How do we de-risk changing providers?
  • How can we be certain of maintaining high service levels?


We work with external partners to deliver successful cloud computing solutions.